How to use the Quiz Builder and Survey widget


By Milo @ Clixlo

updated 6 months ago

Go to the Builder tab, and select Add Widget.

On the Widget tab, look for the Survey button. Drag and drop it in the blank page.

This will show up. Then, you can customize the quiz depending on your agenda. You can change the step’s name. You can also edit and add more fields. As well as delete steps or fields.

These are the common fields that you can use and add to your quizzes or surveys. The Multi-Choice Field, Single-Choice Field, and Rating/Score. 


  1. Click on the edit field to see exactly which field you are editing and what kind of fields you have inside. This one is a quiz-type survey for picking multiple or single-choice options.

  1. You’ll be able to change the fields name, label them and the options with scores and settings. You can add as many options as you want with their name and you can also score them. This is if you want a specific result or page to show for a specific type of customer. 

By pressing the settings button you can add graphics and images to your fields. As well as a description and additional information if you want. Or even tag, this allows people to be tagged if they choose this option. You can also skip steps if you want.

  1. On the field setting button, you can put the description of the field, as well as the different ways to show the results. You can also choose if the respondent can choose multiple answers. And you can map the answers in a specific property in your CRM.


  1. Upon adding the Rating/Score field this will show up on your screen.

You can customize the range by clicking on the settings button. You can also change the range layout and as well as map the results.
7. To show results click on the Settings button on the Manage Quiz results tab.

8. You can adjust the number of points that were awarded to that used to send what specific kind of message that you want to show. It can be a title description and a call to action or a page redirect. And you can add as many rules as you want. You can also add tags to each result.

9. Click on the 'edit styling’ button to customize the quiz or survey to match your website’s theme. 

Click on the Heading and Description button to edit the heading.  You can change the heading alignment, Add title, change the font style and size. 

Click on the Labels and Fields button to change the label’s color as well as background color. You can also adjust the font size and font style. Also add or reduce borders.

Click on the Quiz Styling button to change the background color and the active color.

Click on the Option Boxes to change the text color, background color, and border color. You can also adjust the font style and font size.

Click on the Button Styling to change the button color and border color. As well as change the text style. And adjust the border size and radius.

10. Save the page and see the preview of the quiz that you created by clicking on the Website Preview button.

11. You will see the quiz’ responses on the Contact tab, under the Form Submits button. You’ll also be able to see the user’s information.

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